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Um Gemali, 08/06/2020

Love Miraj Stories, my grandchildren love the stories and games. Miraj reinforces the Islamic subjects they were learning at school , offering an engaging format. Also, I was having trouble with an aspect of the program, and the team stayed with me until we successfully resolved the issue. Highly recommend MirajStories, for all ages, even grandmas!

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Stephanie091417, 07/22/2018

Can't say enough good things!

This app is well worth the money mashallah. We especially love the audio stories for my older child because they are the perfect length for short car rides, and my younger child enjoys the games that teach wudu, salat, etc. This is a quality app and I have enjoyed having access to all of the content.

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Sabrina lee 33, 05/07/2020


Miraj is magical! My twin daughters, Elena and Amina, got this Miraj app 1 month ago, in April. Later, when I called them down for dinner and my husband was watching TV like a usual Sunday night, Elena and Amina came downstairs and sat down at the table without saying a word. I served them fish, which they both hate. But, instead of "No thank you!", they are it without any hesitation. I was so shocked to see that. After they finished it ALL, they thanked me for food. I was thrilled. My husband was extremely shocked, too. Then, I saw them both pray Maghrib, the sunset prayer, together, without being asked. I thought I was in a dream! Elena and Amina Sayeed, my daughters, are 7. They are so respectful. Miraj changed my life.

star star star star star

areesan, 08/03/2020

Wonderful App

Jazakallah khairan katheera! Ma sha Allah May Allah reward everyone who is involved in this app. Really such a nice app. The hard work done by the team can be seen clearly. May Allah put lots of barakah in ur efforts and reward all of you. Would appreciate if it can be for the Tv because big screen is always much better than the smaller one for these kids.

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